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When is MS on your mind?


MS is On My Mind When...

We’re asking people living with and impacted by MS to complete the sentence, “MS is on my mind when ______.” These can be personal stories of gratitude or struggle, of accomplishments or challenges, and can be shared through words, pictures, or by selecting one of the templated responses provided.

These submissions, which may be featured on MSIsOnMyMind.com, will also serve as inspiration for internationally-known artist and person living with MS Lydia Emily Archibald, to create thought-provoking artwork, illustrating the personal impact MS can have on people.

  • “…when I’m in pain, yet I don’t let pain ruin my days.”

  • “…when I cycle across the finish line at a Bike MS event. I may feel sore and exhausted but the feelings of accomplishment far outweigh it!”

  • “…when I hear the inspiring stories of those living with MS.”

  • “…when my brain checks out at 2:30 in the afternoon and all I can do is stare out the window.”

  • About MS On My Mind

    MS On My Mind aims to raise awareness of the emotional toll and multi-faceted impact having MS top of mind can have on people living with MS and caregivers. Share with us: “MS is on my mind when _____.” Your story may be featured and serve as potential inspiration for Lydia Emily.

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  • About Lydia

    About Lydia Emily Archibald

    Renowned artist, MS patient and advocate Lydia Emily (Lydia Emily Archibald) will use her passion for art to help bring these emotions to life to both inform and inspire the community. Lydia Emily was diagnosed with MS in 2014. Her experience serves as a catalyst not only for her art, but also for her advocacy on behalf of the MS community.

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